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Breaking Communication Barriers: Embracing Diversity for Organizational Success

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A Fil-Aussie ethical off-shore outsourcing expert, Ms. Dee Mills, falsified several misconceptions on organizational communication, such as forming a team with individuals having the same communication styles and maintaining personal communication styles without considering others’, in a forum with the students and employees of Naga College Foundation, Inc. (NCF) held on April 6, 2024, at the NCF Open University Application.

According to Mills, institutions should be structurally composed of employees with diverse communication styles, and argued that managers “can ensure that a team will forward to success” if such communication styles are strategically utilized.

“It is an excellent tip to surround yourself with distinct communication styles and personalities to avoid self-reechoing; surrounding yourself with the same styles as yours is actually a threat to progress,” an attendee said, concurring with Mills’ statement.

Mills also administered a forty-item test to assess the attendees’ communication styles, namely, people-oriented, idea-oriented, process-oriented, and action-oriented, and help them adjust the content and process of communicating with other people characterized by unique and/or combined styles.

In order to “communicate for success,” Mills claimed that there must be adjustments between the parties involved in communication. Hence, Mills appealed that “while it is good to maintain your personal styles of communication, keep in mind that ensuring harmony and positive results of communication require flexibility and dynamics—changing your style to fit with others.”

Meanwhile, NCF innovation partners, Mr. Christopher Peralta, President and CEO of Silicon Valley Headquarters, Inc., and Mr. Dennis Franco M. Layug, President and CEO of East West International Educational Specialist, Inc. (EWIES), also attended the communication forum and were thrilled to know that their communication styles were people-centered and action-centered, respectively.

Along with the students from the colleges of Accountancy and Finance (CAF), Business and Management (CBM), Computer Studies (CCS), and Criminal Justice Education (CCJE), Dr. Nora Elizabeth F. Maniquiz, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Ms. Lorence Aster B. Pellejera, CAF Dean, were likewise present during the event.