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NCF promotes Engr. Remoquillo, entrusts efficient admin services

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𝗘𝗫𝗘𝗖𝗨𝗧𝗜𝗩𝗘 𝗖𝗢𝗥𝗡𝗘𝗥 │Naga College Foundation, Inc. (NCF) restructures its institutional divisions for the academic year 2022-2023. It aims to provide the highest academic standard and render efficient and effective services to all its clients.

The restructuring initiates promotions and reemployment of former officials, the creation of new divisions, and the expansion and collaboration of existing offices. Get acquainted with them as NCF features the new organizational structure here in Executive Corner.

NCF promotes Engr. Remoquillo, entrusts efficient admin services

Due to his relevant performance and efficient work results, Engr. Odelon M. Remoquillo received his promotion as the Officer-in-Charge for Administrative Services and re-appointment as the Head of Campus Facilities and Management, penned by Mario C. Villanueva, MBA, NCF President, for the academic year 2022-2023.

From rags…

Engr. Remoquillo began his quest at NCF in 2006 as a student pursuing a three-year telecommunications system course. He was forced to apply for a student assistant scholarship program during his first year, second semester, as his provincial government scholarship had expired.

With the desire to finish his studies despite being financially incapacitated, Engr. Remoquillo did simple and routine tasks using handheld tools and exert physical effort to complete his three-year course. Eventually, he was forwarded to office work, collecting information and storing data using a computer, at the Housekeeping Office which was directly supervised by the Physical Development and Maintenance Office (PMDO), headed by Mr. Albert Villanueva, the seventh child of the NCF founder.

Engr. Remoquillo kept himself burning the midnight oil. He offered cellphone repair services and ventured on a buy and sell of charcoal around Calauag, Naga City, and nearby barangays, with a spare of capital lent by a financial company, while he was studying and serving as a student assistant.

In 2010, he completed his telecommunications system course and underwent a self-review for the Radio Operator Examination of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) on October 2010. He passed the examination and earned his general radio operator certificate (GRCO) on November 2010. He was then called to work as a Radio Technician at the newly-opened radio station— DWKM— in 2010.

Upon consulting Mr. Albert Villanueva and asking for a renewal of his application as a student assistant, Engr. Remoquillo decided to test the water of a bachelor’s degree as he enrolled in a geodetic engineering program in 2011 at NCF. Hence, for over three years, Engr. Remoquillo multitasked— studying geodetic engineering, serving as a student assistant, and working as a radio technician.

… to ‘reaches’

In 2014, Engr. Remoquillo started to build his own family. Keeping his first child as his greatest inspiration, he took the challenge of the master plumbing examination by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) in 2014, following the assistance of NCF for his review. Despite his simultaneous and various roles in his life and career, he managed to ace the examination in 2014 and attained his regular employment status in the same year.

His dream to wear a golden yellow academic hood has finally been attained— on April 1, 2017, he completed his degree in geodetic engineering. His dedication to reaching a higher goal fired him up to take Geodetic Engineer Licensure Examination (GELE) in the same year. He then wrote to the NCF administration and asked for a four-month study leave which will help him focus on his rigorous review and examination. After NCF granted his request, Engr. Remoquillo immediately flew to Manila for his review.

Life is an uphill battle indeed— there were so many circumstances that forced Engr. Remoquillo quit, packed his things up, and flew back to Naga. However, Engr. Remoquillo bid his utmost courage to pursue his review and the scheduled examination as according to him, “there is no other chance for me to take the exam… it is now or never.”

On October 2017, the GELE results were released. Engr. Remoquillo passed the exam and enlisted himself as Geodetic Engineer.

“After the release of the results, countless blessings started to flow,” Engr. Remoquillo uttered.

Building block

After the series of organizational restructuring, Engr. Remoquillo received his promotion and led the Campus Facilities and Management Office (CFMO) in 2018.

Due to his relevant performance and efficient work results, Engr. Odelon M. Remoquillo received his promotion anew as the Officer-in-Charge (OIC) for Administrative Services and re-appointment as the Head of Campus Facilities and Management, penned by Mario C. Villanueva, MBA, NCF President, for the academic year 2022-2023.

As the OIC for Administrative Services, Engr. Remoquillo supervises the Property Management Office (PMO) and Campus Facilities and Management Office (CFMO)— the offices whose concerns are centered on ensuring a conducive learning environment and workplace for all the stakeholders of NCF.

“I did not expect this promotion… I did not expect these changes. CFMO is already challenging but I survived because I am familiar with this battlefield… I am still in the adjustment period,” Engr. Remoquillo revealed.

“In fact, I talked to Ma’am Teena. I told her that I am not familiar with the processes and technicalities of the offices under my watch. Gladly, she offered assistance that is why I was convinced to accept this promotion,” he added.

“Nevertheless, I will work hard to learn new things and I will commit to managing effectively the offices under my supervision,” he added.

Engr. Remoquillo knew that his promotion acquires supplemental responsibilities and accountability, especially now that the populace of the school continue to hit a substantial increase in enrollees.

“The target of NCF is the annual development to address the influx of our enrollees. Part of that development is the plans for the vertical expansion of our campus and construction of additional buildings such as the engineering building and the LEPV building,” Remoquillo discussed.

These are the four major infrastructures enumerated in the five-year strategic plan of the institution wherein the initial constructions are set to commence in 2023:

  • the four-story engineering building that is planned to construct at the current Iocation of the Institute for Career Development;
  • the seven-story Lourdes Estrella Peckson-Villanueva (LEPV) building that will be built at the current location of Superprint which will face the MTV building;
  • the high school building to be situated at the Hernandez Lot; and
  • the iconic Tiger Sports Arena.

Engr. Remoquillo said that his office is ready to assist and help the school expand once President Mario C. Villanueva greenlights the construction of the buildings.

“NCF build my dreams, home”

Engr. Remoquillo has been at NCF for 16 years— from being a striving student to an indefatigable head of administrative services.

“I am indebted to NCF. It has been my home for 16 years— helped me build my dreams and my home, and made me realize the significance of dedication, commitment, and hard work,” Engr. Remoquillo said.

When asked about his learning throughout his journey in NCF, Engr. Remoquillo said, “There are circumstances wherein you need to be a liquid— go with the flow, adapt, adjust, and enrich. Perform what is expected of you and give what is being asked. Also, the mind acts like a magnet, when you think positive, it will attract opportunities.”

Engr. Remoquillo commenced his quest at NCF with nothing but an eagerness to learn, as well as a hope that this academe will turn his table, wash his ragged clothes, build his dreams, and reach his vision. NCF did not fail Engr. Remoquillo. Hence, through his service, he is now serving as a means and inspiration to students who have parallel narration as he had before.

Photo courtesy of Engr. Odelon Remoquillo