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NCF promotes Dr. Olaso as VP for Sports, Culture, and the Arts

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E𝗫𝗘𝗖𝗨𝗧𝗜𝗩𝗘 𝗖𝗢𝗥𝗡𝗘𝗥 │Naga College Foundation, Inc. (NCF) restructures its institutional divisions for the academic year 2022-2023. It aims to provide the highest academic standard and render efficient and effective services to all its clients.

The restructuring initiates promotions and reemployment of former officials, the creation of new divisions, and the expansion and collaboration of existing offices. Get acquainted with them as NCF features the new organizational structure here in Executive Corner.

NCF promotes Dr. Olaso as VP for Sports, Culture, and the Arts

Rendering her 39th year of service in Naga College Foundation, Inc., award-winning athlete and sports director Nelba O. Olaso, PhD received the highest promotion in the entire institution for the academic year 2022-2023, naming her as the Vice President for Sports, Culture, and the Arts.

Sports Gem

In 1983, Dr. Olaso caught the attention of NCF founder Melchor T. Villanueva during her last stint at the Palarong Pambansa in Tacloban City. Due to her excellence in the field of sports, the founder offered her a job at NCF. Despite Dr. Olaso’s hesitation to accept the offer, because of the distance from her hometown in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, she pursued her career in NCF and left her former job in Manila.

Dr. Olaso started in NCF with nothing but a prayer to survive. Entrusting her life and career to Lolo Mel, she started as a simple classroom teacher and became a sports director eventually. Her commitment to service and passion for sports fired her up to continue bringing NCF sports to its great heights despite the overwhelming dilemma she faced.

Following the death of Lolo Mel in 2001, NCF encountered difficult changes. The sports suffered for years as NCF, back then, was striving to meet the needs and demands of the sports as an industry and discipline – most particularly in the aspect of finances.

The absence of sufficient financial allocation failed, however, to kill the torch of hope of Dr. Olaso. She collaborated with various sports organizations and government agencies and sought financial assistance to expose the athletes, exhibit their abilities in their respective fields, and support athletes’ food and allowance.

Intellectual fitness

Dr. Olaso graduated from West Negros College with the degree of Bachelor of Commerce major in Banking and Finance in 1978 and Bachelor of Physical Education in 1980. Lolo Mel encouraged Dr. Olaso to take a bachelor’s degree in Home Economics at NCF and graduated in 1986. Dr. Olaso completed her master’s degree in administration and supervision at NCF in 1989. Lolo Mel invited her once more to take another master’s degree. She then took a master’s degree in physical education at the University of Saint Anthony at Iriga City in 2001. In 2005, Dr. Olaso attained her Doctorate Degree in Human Resource Management at NCF.

Being the current Program Chairperson for the Physical Education Program in the College of Teacher Education (CTED), she is now working on her second book for physical education which will help students comprehend theories and concepts through timely and practical application.

Far beyond expectations: Olaso on her Vice Presidential accession

In 2010, Dr. Olaso tendered her optional retirement and decided to retire officially before the former NCF President Ms. Marguerite Michelle V. Padua-Hornby stepped down from her post. However, former President Padua-Hornby asked Olaso to stay for another three years until the transition to another administration before finally retiring.

She then applied at a certain university in Naga and was hired with a full-time teaching load. In 2015, then newly proclaimed NCF President Mario C. Villanueva found out about the retirement of Dr. Olaso and her employment at a certain university. President Villanueva invited Dr. Olaso for a dialogue.

“Sir Mario (Villanueva) offered to double my teaching salary for me to stay in NCF,” Dr. Olaso revealed.

Dr. Olaso stayed not because of the offered salary but of the assurance of the President that he will work hand in hand with her in giving NCF Sports sustainable support it deserves.

With the NCF President’s commitment to his words and the NCF administration’s unwavering support, NCF reached the highest peak of sports identity and established a pedestal as “Home of the Champions” in 2017.

By accepting the Vice Presidential post for Sports, Culture, and the Arts, Dr. Olaso unleashed her holistic fitness once more.

“I do not know the plans of Sir Mario for me. This is a very unexpected scenario, very unexpected position,” Dr. Olaso said.

As the Vice President for Sports, Culture, and the Arts, Dr. Olaso shall monitor, supervise, promulgate policies, and spearhead sustainable programs of the Sports Development Office, the NCF Marching Band and Majorettes, and the Center for Arts and Culture.

When asked about the President’s challenges to her upon assuming the vice presidential post, Dr. Olaso said: “Defend the title of being the ‘Home of the Champions’ in sports and put the Band and the CAC in the spotlight.”

“Now that we have an outstanding mark in sports with a total of 22 organized sports, it is my prime duty to make the Band and the CAC known,” she added.

Currently, her division and the offices under her supervision are in the process of designing and finalizing strategic plans and programs. The highlights of the plans are the off-campus exposures of the CAC and Band in partnership with the Department of Education and local and national cultural organizations, maintenance of the 22 organized sports, surpassing the 90% NCF athlete representation for Palarong Bicol, participation and recognition in the national and international sports arena, and funding and completion of the proposed NCF Tigers Sports Arena, which is set to be launched in October.

Indeed, the fastest way to reach success is to slow down. Dr. Olaso spent 39 years before she achieved her recent success and those 39 years are no less than fruitful in themselves.

“Tataas ang posisyon pero marami kang dadaanan na struggles. Marami akong pinagdaanan bago ako nakarating dito, na hindi ko inasaasahan… You have to love your work, do your best, have perseverance, commitment, and discipline,” Dr. Olaso said.