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Forging Futures: Naga College Foundation’s Alliance with Silicon Valley HQ for AI Empowerment and Global Opportunities

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Guaranteeing enhanced relations between the Naga College Foundation, Inc. (NCF) and Silicon Valley Headquarters, Mr. Christopher Peralta, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Silicon Valley Headquarters, embarked at the NCF for a two-day visit encompassing cooperation for the NCF Open University Application, mentorship programs, and remote international job placement on April 24–25, 2024.

Mr. Peralta met the members of the academic council, where he discussed the recent developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and globalized communication competencies, which will be the meat of the succeeding upskilling forum for students at the NCF Open University Application.

According to Peralta, such fora on AI and communications will equip the students with high-value skills necessary for the remote international job placement offered to the NCF senior students as well as to the alumni and alumnae.

Partnered with East West International Educational Specialist, Inc. (EWIES) as matchmakers for remote international job placement and international internship programs for students, Mr. Peralta committed to prioritizing NCF as long as the students are interested in being trained in AI and global communication.

Meanwhile, industry dialogues with the senior students of the colleges of Accountancy and Finance (CAF), Business and Management (CBM), and Computer Studies (CCS) and with 12th grade students were also held that revolved around artificial intelligence, global communication competencies, and soft skills.

Mr. Peralta took the chance to introduce to students the remote international job placement opportunities, assuring them of work-life balance, an adjustable work schedule, competitive remuneration, and expert-led training sessions.

After the series of dialogues, he yielded seven (7) interested applicants from the Colleges and four (4) interested applicants from Senior High School who were immediately scheduled for interview on May 1, 2024.

Committed to his mission of helping 99% of Filipinos, Mr. Peralta also graced the business meeting of the Metro Naga Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI), where he introduced ‘Just Going Viral’ to help micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) unlock their business potential with all-in-one software. The same was also presented to the NCF students specializing in entrepreneurship and is planned to be integrated into the students’ business portfolios.

In the airwaves, a prominent radio presenter of Energy FM Naga, Mr. Joe Osabal, has also had the chance to meet Mr. Peralta in his well-known ‘Asintado sa Radyo’ program, where they tackled the pioneering innovative programs in NCF in partnership with EWIES and Silicon Valley Headquarters and shed light on matters concerning AI and remote international job placements.

Furthermore, a mentorship session with the brains behind the Bichanos Butong Isda and a planning conference with the Student Affairs Coordinator and Career and Placement Officer were also organized to put in place the students’ exposure in international arenas.