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A Day at the Home of the Champions

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𝗟𝗢𝗢𝗞: NCF kicks off its “A Day at the Home of the Champions”; 84 students engage in a first-hand open house experience

Naga College Foundation, Inc. (NCF) embarks on the 2023 institutional policy named “NCF Open House,” which aims to develop the institution into a center of excellence, happiness, and comfort where stakeholders can consider NCF their second home.

Eighty-four (84) senior high school students of Pili National High School (PNHS) pay a visit to the NCF main campus today, February 1, 2023, to experience “A Day at the Home of the Champions.”

Eight collegiate departments prepare a presentation and arrange a simple academic tour that highlights the culture of quality and excellence of their department in terms of instruction and high-end facilities.

Furthermore, there are six other secondary schools that are slated to experience in a day the optimized quality and affordable tertiary education in NCF with the most versatile learning experiences, grounded in transforming students into well-rounded leaders, professionals, and researchers of various disciplines across the world.