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Graduate School and Research

Graduate School and Research

The Naga College Foundation Graduate School envisions a multifarious, empowered and transformational development to achieve leadership and excellence in higher professional instruction, research, extension services and production.

It’s committed to further develop educational managers, public and business administrators to enhance their managerial and leadership capabilities for global competitiveness.

The Ph.D., M.A.Ed., M.P.A., and M.B.A. programs have been designed to develop efficiency and effectiveness among teachers, educational managers, public and business administrators.

Admission Requirements

  1. An original copy of the Transcript of Records for non-NCF graduates.
  2. A Bachelor’s Degree/Master’s Degree for M.A./Ph.D. courses.
  3. Oral Interview and Psychometric Exam.
  4. Proficiency in both English and Filipino languages.
  5. Must show potential to conduct independent research.

Courses Offered:

  • Doctor of Philosophy
      - Major in Human Resource Management
      - Major in Educational Management
  • Master in Public Administration
  • Master in Business Administration
      - Major in Human Resource Management (Thesis and Non-Thesis Program)

    * Accepting enrollees starting Summer 2012

  • Master of Science in Criminology
      - Major in Corrections & Jail Management
      - Major in Law Enforcement Administration
  • Master of Arts in Education
      - Major in Administration & Supervision
      - Major in Educational Management; English; Filipino; Mathematics Education; Physical Education; Home Economics

Courses Offered:

  1. The candidate must pass the comprehensive exam after finishing all prescribed course work.
  2. The candidate must be able to successfully defend his/her thesis or dissertation to a panel of examiners.
  3. He/She should submit a final, hardbound manuscript of his/her thesis/dissertation and separate abstract for S.O. purposes after the FINAL ORAL DEFENSE.
  4. He/She should finish the degree within a period of 8 years from the first date of matriculation.